The murder of Benjamin Crum – Devil’s Creek p.d.
Case File bc-02145621y 


35/M   6’4″, 190 lbs

Interview highlights:

– Archer gave the following leads

1 Archer was invited to Ben’s home on Thursday to discuss why he reported that Ben was the only witness to the mayor’s murder.

2. Archer confirmed that Boxer Gray and Jinxy Kimble are friends.

3. Archer confirmed that Holden and Belle attend ‘dinners, lunches’ at Boxer Gray’s home.

4. We are currently having a mysterious white dust tested at the crime lab that was located on Ben’s shoes and Archer’s shoes and floor mats of his Porsche.

5. Archer is the brother of a notorious crime boss of the Devil’s Creek Underground, Boxer Gray.  


Anchor, Nightly News

CBC Television Station

2016 – present


Archer Gray is the brother of the notorious crime boss, Boxer Gray. It is rumored that Boxer Gray runs the city of Devil’s Creek.


Benjamin Crum has been a friend/ally of Archer Gray until Thursday before the murder, when Archer reported on the Nightly News program that Ben was the sole witness of Mayor Gambit’s unfortunate assassination. Mayor Gambit had been in the middle of a dirty reelection campaign against the underboss of the Underworld, James ‘Jinxy’ Kimble. Some say that Boxer Gray might have ordered the assassination on Mayor Gambit.


There have been previous attempts on Archer’s life within the last year.  However, to date – no suspects have been noted. Archer firmly believes the assassination attempts were ordered by his brother, Boxer.

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