The Murder of Benjamin Crum – Devil’s Creek P.D. Case File BC02145621y 


47/F   5’1″, 119 lbs

Interview highlights:

– Belle gave the following leads:

1. Belle denies being at Ben’s home. However, a hair belonging to Belle was found at Ben’s home.

2. Belle is not associated with Ben on a personal level, but claims to have recently engaged in a partnership.

3. Belle was suspected of money laundering and Ben was hired to investigate Belle’s involvement with Boxer Gray.

4. Belle claims that Ben had given her a check for $3000.00 the day before he was murdered.

5. Holden Knox and Belle are good friends.

6. Belle cannot stand Lizzie Robinson.

7. Belle claims that Tate threatened to kill her at the Stop ‘n Go. 


Business Owner

Devil’s Creek Laundromat 

2000 – present


Belle Stafford is a high school dropout who inherited the laundromat that she owns and manages from her grandparents. She has a criminal history and  a known affiliation with many members of the Devil’s Creek Underground, as her grandparents did while they were alive. Belle has two dogs, five cats, and two pet rattlesnakes. 


Belle Stafford’s brother is the prime suspect in the murder of Mayor Gambit, the incumbent mayor who was currently running for re-election against James ‘Jinxy’ Kimble, the underboss of the Devil’s Creek Underground, a crime ring led by Boxer Gray that rules the city. Only brave souls with a death wish will stand up to Boxer Gray – including the late Mayor Gambit and Chief Austin, who has sworn to put every member of the Underground behind bars. 


Benjamin Crum was currently investigating Mayor Gambit. Ben was the sole witness of the murder. Ben’s camera, laptop and files were stolen from his house the night before the murder. These items contained the tangible evidence against Belle’s brother – as well as everyone else under investigation by Ben. 

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