The Murder of Benjamin Crum – Devil’s Creek p.d. case file bc-02145621y
41/M 6’1″, 185 lbs

Interview highlights:

– Dexter gave the following leads:

1. Dexter discovered the body by checking the front door, as it was silent not long after Ben had arrived at his home. 

2. Dexter has a feudal history with Ben and doesn’t approve of his small house in the neighborhood.

3. Dexter knew that Ben was doing surveillance on him.

4. Dexter had a switch blade and syringe full of a reported steroid solution, as he had just left work at Brighter Future Eyecare.

5. Dexter is the estranged cousin of Holden Knox. They stand to inherit a lot of money from their uncle, Rory Wilkes, III, who is terminally ill.  Holden and Dexter are the only two listed in his will, as he didn’t have children.  Dexter reports that Holden has a violent past, but nothing in the records on Holden supports that claim. 

6. Dexter moved from Skull Valley to Devil’s Creek five years ago.

7. Dexter doesn’t deal with any compounds containing cyanide.

8. Dexter is not friends with Archer or Boxer Gray.  



Brighter Future Eye Care 

2007 – present


Dexter Cline moved to Devil’s Creek from Skull Valley, Arizona five years ago.  Nobody knows anything about his past, and he has no online history beyond five years ago.


Dexter Cline is the neighbor of the deceased. Over the last five years, there have been 16 police reports filed by Dexter against Benjamin Crum. None of the police reports ended with arrests or fines, and were largely unfounded.

other facts

Dexter discovered the victim’s body within the hour of his demise. The police noticed he had a switchblade knife in his pocket, and a syringe. Officer Ripman asked Dexter for the items, and they are currently being analyzed at the crime lab.

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