The murder of Benjamin Crum – Devil’s creek p.d. Case File BC02145621y 


51/M 5’11”, 240 lbs

Interview highlights:

Holden gave the following leads:

1. Holden knew Ben was investigating him.

2. Holden admits to having a relationship with Boxer Gray and denies accepting money from Boxer. Holden is currently being investigated for money laundering and fencing for Boxer Gray.

3. Holden is friends with Belle Stafford.

4. Holden has cyanide solutions that he uses for extracting minerals from ore at the jewelry store.

5. Holden reported that Dexter Cline often complains about how much he hates his neighbor, Ben Crum. Holden and Dexter are estranged cousins. 



Fort Knox Jewels

2003- present


Holden Knox is the owner of Fort Knox Jewels (2003-present). He graduated high school, and then attended a variety of trade schools involving metallurgy, electroplating, and jewelry design. He took out a small business loan and opened his own business, Fort Knox Jewels. He creates custom, original jewelry from gold and silver ore from around the world. He travels to faraway places to find exotic stones.


Holdon Knox was being investigated by Benjamin Crum at the request of Chief Austin on suspicion of collusion with Boxer Gray, the crime boss of the Devil’s Creek Underground.  Benjamin was investigating whether Fort Knox Jewels was being utilized for money laundering, and as a fence for rare, stolen items.


Holden is the first cousin of Dexter Cline. Holden and Dexter are the nephews of an eccentric billionaire, Rory Wilkes, III, the creator of the social media game Wilkes Boothe. 

Ben’s case file on Holden regarding the money laundering/fencing investigation was stolen from his home on Friday morning before Ben’s murder.

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