The Murder of Benjamin Crum – Devil’s Creek p.d. case file bc02145621y 


44/M   6’0″, 240 lbs

Interview highlights:

– Tate gave the following leads

1. Tate and Ben are best pals since college. They opened a business, Cullen and Crum Investigations. They had a falling out, and now Tate is a photographer.

2. Tate was hosting a birthday bash for Ben at Tate’s apartment and was waiting for Ben to arrive with other guests.

3. Tate denies threatening Belle. He does admit he told her she was being rude holding up the line. He also denies taking photos of her through the window at the laundromat.

4. Tate admits calling Archer Gray and threatening him over reporting on the nightly news that Ben was the only witness in the murder of Mayor Gambit. That put his friend in danger and he was angry.

5. Tate ate dinner with Ben at Rosie’s Diner. They both left to go home and were to meet at Tate’s apartment for the party.

6. Tate uses cyanide solution to develop film



    Cullen Photography 

    2017 – present. 

    Tate purchased his equipment and photo lab from a retired military veteran. The man had many national awards for his war-time battle photos from WWII.  He taught Tate everything he knew about the art of  photography to developing photos.


    Tate Cullen has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and is the owner/photographer for Cullen Photography. He is noted as the ‘Best Photographer in Devil’s Creek’ by the Devil’s Creek Chamber of Commerce.


    . Two years ago, Tate and Ben had a falling out over business practices, and Tate left the firm to start his own photography business. Tate has received an award from the Chamber of Commerce for the best photographer of Devil’s Creek – albeit he is almost the only photographer in town. The other one is a drunk who is being sued by two former clients. Ben and Tate made up over a year ago and resumed their friendship as if nothing had happened.


    Tate was one of the last people to see Ben alive. They had a meal together at Rosie’s Place. Tate was hosting a birthday get together at his apartment for Ben, but unfortunately, Ben never showed up.

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