Ghid-ul aplicatiilor virtuale pentru evenimente si intalniri online. Lista de mai jos este ca un “Holy Graal” al listelor cu programe si instrumente ce pot fi folosite de orice organizator. Fiecare categorie este descrisa in cateva cuvinte urmand link-uri catre site-urile aferente. 

1. AI-Driven Meeting Transcripts, Analytics, and Coaching

These products use artificial intelligence, such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and more, to create transcripts and meeting notes from audio recordings, provide real-time conversation coaching, and analyze meeting records to highlight opportunities for future action.


2. Analytics, Ratings, and Meeting Performance Insights

These products collect data about meeting quality and provide reports that leaders can use to predict team performance and improve meetings going forward.


3. Asynchronous Status Meetings

These products work to keep team members up-to-date without having to meet in real time. Team members are asked to write status updates, which these products then send to the rest of the team via email or through workstream applications like Microsoft Teams and Slack.


4. Audience Engagement and Polling

These products make it easy to engage large audiences through quick polls, social media, and quick interactions. Most work well on participant cell phones or mobile devices and make it easy for presenters to quickly share audience replies.


5. Audio and Video Conferencing Filters and Add-Ons

These products enhance online conferences by altering the audio or video content.


6. Board Portal and Governance Meeting Software

These products help formal governing groups securely manage meeting content, track the agenda and minutes approval process, and record votes. Many of these products include special features for groups that hold meetings subject to regulatory oversight or public meeting laws.


7. Brainstorming, Decision Support, and Visual Collaboration Software

These technologies all help leaders, teams, and facilitators work through multi-step collaborative activities online. Most support some version of online sticky note creation, anonymous contributions, idea ranking, and the visual organization of content. Some focus primarily on visual collaboration, making it easier for groups to see relationships between ideas. Others include support for sophisticated multi-step decision-making frameworks.


8. Collaborative Document Editing Software

These products are not designed specifically for meetings but may be used by teams to collaborate during meetings. Most collaborative editing tools include templates for creating meeting agendas or capturing meeting notes in addition to templates for tracking many other business activities.

Note: Teams also use technology designed for task management, project management, strategic execution, and product development to support their meetings. The list below only includes use-case agnostic tools we’ve seen facilitators and meeting leaders use with cross-functional groups.


9. Meeting Management Tools

These products help teams organize meeting agendas, capture meeting notes, track action items, and search past meeting records. Some include templates and instructions for running specific types of meetings, analytics and reporting, and support for running facilitated in-meeting activities.


10. Multi-Function Collaborative Systems

These products offer collaborative whiteboards, hardware, and related services.


11. Non-Digital Facilitator’s Tool

Not all useful technologies come in digital form. This list includes tools and props designed specifically to support facilitated group processes.


12. One-on-Ones

These products help managers run one-on-ones with team members.


13. Real-Time Agenda Tools

These products support processes where groups of people create the agenda they want to discuss during the session.


14. Retrospective Meeting Tools

These products support agile retrospective meetings online.


15. Scheduling

These products help people find a time to meet and schedule those meetings.

16. Smart Meeting Hardware

This compilation of meeting technologies focuses primarily on software products. There are also hundreds of hardware products available for meetings. Here are a few that our contributors felt would be most interesting to share.

Interactive Displays

17. Smart Cameras and Audio Equipment


18. Virtual Events

These products help event planners and organizers host online events. Most include features for advertising the event, collecting registrations, hosting online sessions, and supporting attendee networking. Some build virtual reality event experiences. Others focus on attendee engagement.

19. Virtual Team Meeting Rooms

These products provide a virtual reality meeting space for team meetings.


20. Virtual Whiteboards

These technologies provide digital whiteboards where teams can add virtual sticky notes, draw, post files, and more. Note: Many web conferencing and mutli-function tools also include virtual whiteboard features.


21. Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing, and Webinar Tools

These products provide the foundational communication support for people meeting online. Core features include support for audio or video conferencing, screen sharing, chat, and session recording. Some conferencing companies focus on serving teams, some focus on large scale broadcasts, and some support a range of use cases.


22. Workshop Design Tools

These products help workshop facilitators design workshops. Most include a library of workshop activities with detailed instructions and example timing that facilitators can add to their designs.

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