The Murder of Benjamin Crum – Devil’s Creek p.d. case file bc02145621y 


44/M   6’0″, 240 lbs

Interview highlights:

– Tate gave the following leads

1. Tate and Ben are best pals since college. They opened a business, Cullen and Crum Investigations. They had a falling out, and now Tate is a photographer.

2. Tate was hosting a birthday bash for Ben at Tate’s apartment and was waiting for Ben to arrive with other guests.

3. Tate denies threatening Belle. He does admit he told her she was being rude holding up the line. He also denies taking photos of her through the window at the laundromat.

4. Tate admits calling Archer Gray and threatening him over reporting on the nightly news that Ben was the only witness in the murder of Mayor Gambit. That put his friend in danger and he was angry.

5. Tate ate dinner with Ben at Rosie’s Diner. They both left to go home and were to meet at Tate’s apartment for the party.

6. Tate uses cyanide solution to develop film



    Cullen Photography 

    2017 – present. 

    Tate purchased his equipment and photo lab from a retired military veteran. The man had many national awards for his war-time battle photos from WWII.  He taught Tate everything he knew about the art of  photography to developing photos.


    Tate Cullen has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and is the owner/photographer for Cullen Photography. He is noted as the ‘Best Photographer in Devil’s Creek’ by the Devil’s Creek Chamber of Commerce.


    . Two years ago, Tate and Ben had a falling out over business practices, and Tate left the firm to start his own photography business. Tate has received an award from the Chamber of Commerce for the best photographer of Devil’s Creek – albeit he is almost the only photographer in town. The other one is a drunk who is being sued by two former clients. Ben and Tate made up over a year ago and resumed their friendship as if nothing had happened.


    Tate was one of the last people to see Ben alive. They had a meal together at Rosie’s Place. Tate was hosting a birthday get together at his apartment for Ben, but unfortunately, Ben never showed up.


    The Murder of Benjamin Crum – Devil’s Creek p.d. case file bc02145621y 


    38/F   5’3″, 115 lbs

    Interview highlights:

    – Lizzie gave the following leads:

    1. Lizzie considers herself Ben’s best friend, and is also friends with Tate Cullen.

    2. Lizzie served Tate and Ben when they ate dinner at Rosie’s Diner on Saturday early evening.

    3. Lizzie worked the morning shift at Rosie’s on Saturday. She went home to the farm for a few hours, and then went back for a second shift by 3 PM.

    4. Lizzie doesn’t know Boxer Gray, and dislikes Archer Gray.

    5. Lizzie discloses that everyone in town knows that Jay Stafford killed the mayor and Jay is associated with Boxer Gray.

    6. Lizzie reveals that the underboss of the Underground is running for mayor (Jinxy).

    7. Lizzie admits to having a life insurance policy on Ben. She also admits to turning in the paperwork on Friday before the murder on Saturday. 



    Rosie’s Diner 

    2007 – present


    Lizzie graduated from high school and completed one semester of community college in General Studies. Lizzie currently lives on her parents’ farm, which borders the city of Devil’s Creek and extends for miles out in the countryside. The Robinson Farm holds a Rattlesnake Roundup each year where the townsfolk are invited to come to the farm and hunt rattlesnakes for prizes. The farm is also the subject of urban legend that many travelers have disappeared after being lost in that part of town. The farm has been investigated numerous times over the years, but we all know that a dozen hungry hogs and an incinerator on the property could clean up evidence of foul play.


    Lizzie was a dear friend of Benjamin Crum at the time of his death.  Lizzie is also friends with Tate Cullen, and is not friends with Belle Stafford or Archer Gray.


    Lizzie served Ben his last meal when she waited on him and his best friend Tate at Rosie’s Diner. 


    Lizzie has attempted to form a romantic relationship with Benjamin Crum on multiple occasions over the last three years,  to no avail (per Ben’s sister’s interview and former private messages via social media that Detective Kincaid uncovered).  Benjamin rejected her each time, even publicly at Rosie’s Diner, and told her he only wished to remain friends. There is no indication that she was upset or angry about this rejection, however.



    The Murder of Benjamin Crum – Devil’s Creek p.d. case file bc-02145621y
    41/M 6’1″, 185 lbs

    Interview highlights:

    – Dexter gave the following leads:

    1. Dexter discovered the body by checking the front door, as it was silent not long after Ben had arrived at his home. 

    2. Dexter has a feudal history with Ben and doesn’t approve of his small house in the neighborhood.

    3. Dexter knew that Ben was doing surveillance on him.

    4. Dexter had a switch blade and syringe full of a reported steroid solution, as he had just left work at Brighter Future Eyecare.

    5. Dexter is the estranged cousin of Holden Knox. They stand to inherit a lot of money from their uncle, Rory Wilkes, III, who is terminally ill.  Holden and Dexter are the only two listed in his will, as he didn’t have children.  Dexter reports that Holden has a violent past, but nothing in the records on Holden supports that claim. 

    6. Dexter moved from Skull Valley to Devil’s Creek five years ago.

    7. Dexter doesn’t deal with any compounds containing cyanide.

    8. Dexter is not friends with Archer or Boxer Gray.  



    Brighter Future Eye Care 

    2007 – present


    Dexter Cline moved to Devil’s Creek from Skull Valley, Arizona five years ago.  Nobody knows anything about his past, and he has no online history beyond five years ago.


    Dexter Cline is the neighbor of the deceased. Over the last five years, there have been 16 police reports filed by Dexter against Benjamin Crum. None of the police reports ended with arrests or fines, and were largely unfounded.

    other facts

    Dexter discovered the victim’s body within the hour of his demise. The police noticed he had a switchblade knife in his pocket, and a syringe. Officer Ripman asked Dexter for the items, and they are currently being analyzed at the crime lab.


    The Murder of Benjamin Crum – Devil’s Creek P.D. Case File BC02145621y 


    47/F   5’1″, 119 lbs

    Interview highlights:

    – Belle gave the following leads:

    1. Belle denies being at Ben’s home. However, a hair belonging to Belle was found at Ben’s home.

    2. Belle is not associated with Ben on a personal level, but claims to have recently engaged in a partnership.

    3. Belle was suspected of money laundering and Ben was hired to investigate Belle’s involvement with Boxer Gray.

    4. Belle claims that Ben had given her a check for $3000.00 the day before he was murdered.

    5. Holden Knox and Belle are good friends.

    6. Belle cannot stand Lizzie Robinson.

    7. Belle claims that Tate threatened to kill her at the Stop ‘n Go. 


    Business Owner

    Devil’s Creek Laundromat 

    2000 – present


    Belle Stafford is a high school dropout who inherited the laundromat that she owns and manages from her grandparents. She has a criminal history and  a known affiliation with many members of the Devil’s Creek Underground, as her grandparents did while they were alive. Belle has two dogs, five cats, and two pet rattlesnakes. 


    Belle Stafford’s brother is the prime suspect in the murder of Mayor Gambit, the incumbent mayor who was currently running for re-election against James ‘Jinxy’ Kimble, the underboss of the Devil’s Creek Underground, a crime ring led by Boxer Gray that rules the city. Only brave souls with a death wish will stand up to Boxer Gray – including the late Mayor Gambit and Chief Austin, who has sworn to put every member of the Underground behind bars. 


    Benjamin Crum was currently investigating Mayor Gambit. Ben was the sole witness of the murder. Ben’s camera, laptop and files were stolen from his house the night before the murder. These items contained the tangible evidence against Belle’s brother – as well as everyone else under investigation by Ben. 


    The murder of Benjamin Crum – Devil’s creek p.d. Case File BC02145621y 


    51/M 5’11”, 240 lbs

    Interview highlights:

    Holden gave the following leads:

    1. Holden knew Ben was investigating him.

    2. Holden admits to having a relationship with Boxer Gray and denies accepting money from Boxer. Holden is currently being investigated for money laundering and fencing for Boxer Gray.

    3. Holden is friends with Belle Stafford.

    4. Holden has cyanide solutions that he uses for extracting minerals from ore at the jewelry store.

    5. Holden reported that Dexter Cline often complains about how much he hates his neighbor, Ben Crum. Holden and Dexter are estranged cousins. 



    Fort Knox Jewels

    2003- present


    Holden Knox is the owner of Fort Knox Jewels (2003-present). He graduated high school, and then attended a variety of trade schools involving metallurgy, electroplating, and jewelry design. He took out a small business loan and opened his own business, Fort Knox Jewels. He creates custom, original jewelry from gold and silver ore from around the world. He travels to faraway places to find exotic stones.


    Holdon Knox was being investigated by Benjamin Crum at the request of Chief Austin on suspicion of collusion with Boxer Gray, the crime boss of the Devil’s Creek Underground.  Benjamin was investigating whether Fort Knox Jewels was being utilized for money laundering, and as a fence for rare, stolen items.


    Holden is the first cousin of Dexter Cline. Holden and Dexter are the nephews of an eccentric billionaire, Rory Wilkes, III, the creator of the social media game Wilkes Boothe. 

    Ben’s case file on Holden regarding the money laundering/fencing investigation was stolen from his home on Friday morning before Ben’s murder.

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